RELENG_5 broken?

Joel rees at
Fri Apr 15 03:22:49 PDT 2005

> > > FWIW, you are just in time anyway because they added a security
> > > notice and if you cvsup now, you will also get that fix.

And it's nice to have that out of the way.

> > So the system is not in an unstable situation such that repeating the
> > cvsup would have me trying to build from inconsistent libraries or
> > anything like that?
> When you do the buildworld, you get a new world and then the kernel will 
> build. This is one of the reasons to buildworld, buildkernel, and 
> install kernel.

I'm just a following the instructions in the on-line manual. Well,
I used sudo from the main admin account while in multi-user mode, except
I forgot that a couple of times and had to break out. And I forgot to
grab it at the beastie menu on the reboot just now, but it seems to be
installing world okay after a second reboot to single-user.

> Since the buildkernel died, your libraries haven't been 
> updated. You wouldn't do that until after you have booted the new 
> kernel in single user mode. The sequence may be awkward at times but it 
> saves you from the little disasters :).

No problem with that. Just wanted to make sure the libraries would not
be in a half-way state from not having completed the previous build.

> > What the heck, I'll take a backup and give it a spin.
> Just remember you build and install the world and the kernel. I just got 
> through upgrading to get the ifconf fix. No, problem.
> Kent

Thanks again. It just finished the install, so I'll see what happens in
the second pass of mergemaster (That looks like it could be a very
useful tool.) and then build ports.

I guess it's obvious I haven't done this very much on freeBSD.

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