Alternate menu logos

Hanspeter Roth hampi at
Thu Apr 14 13:39:48 PDT 2005

  On Apr 14 at 10:13, Doug White spoke:

> (Changing the subject since its not reflective of the tone of the
> message. Apologies to the poster, but since this is a touchy subject I'm
> going to make this a more technical discussion.)

The original subject was not technical but it was precise.

> On Mon, 11 Apr 2005, Hanspeter Roth wrote:
> > - or have an convenient flag in loaders.conf that allows to
> >   run Beastie menu but display some other decoration?
> I I have an idea and the patch in PR 74577 is about halfway there. I
> suggest providing a script that forth-ifies a provided ASCII logo, and a

If somebody provides the script, nice. But if it's just another
suggestion that only delays the matter like the talks of the "new
FreeBSD Logo" did then it's better to have a quick and dirty

> loader option to load a banner file from disk.  This way, if, say, an OEM
> wanted to put contact information in there, they could put in loader.conf:
> banner_enable="YES"
> banner_file="/boot/oem.banner"
> and have that displayed instead of the beastie.
> The forthifier script would turn the file into a forth function definition
> and then it can be included with standard routines in the loader.  Then
> your banner function would just call it.

Of course this solution is more flexible and thus to favor.
Just somebody do it...


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