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Tue Apr 12 09:44:41 PDT 2005

Scott Lambert wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 12, 2005 at 11:05:00AM +0100, Nick Barnes wrote:
> > I run FreeBSD as my main desktop, but occasionally have to develop,
> > build, or test software on a variety of other x86 operating systems
> > (mainly Windows NT 4, Windows XP Pro, and Red Hat Linux).  At the
> > moment I have a row of mini-towers and a KVM switch.  I'd much rather
> > run these other machines as virtual machines under FreeBSD.  Can
> > anyone recommend virtualizing software for FreeBSD?  I don't mind
> > having to pay, as long as it really works.
> I have not used it, but it claims to support FreeBSD as the host:
> I have had a good relationship with the company that is behind the
> product.  I just haven't used that particular product, especially now
> that my primary workstation is a PowerBook.

Note that SVISTA doesn't (currently) support 5-stable, or indeed anything
past 4.x.  There have been questions asked about that in the fora but they
have gone unanswered, last I checked.

I bought it for 4.x and it worked fine.  Better in some ways than qemu,
although in other ways it was not as good (qemu seems to have better
display support, while SVISTA's networking is vastly better).  Since I've
gone to 5-stable, though, qemu is my only real alternative.
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