Intel 6300ESB (ICH) SMBus controller not working

Philip Murray pmurray at
Mon Apr 11 22:03:34 PDT 2005

On 12/04/2005, at 2:38 PM, Mike Tancsa wrote:

> At 09:24 PM 11/04/2005, Philip Murray wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm running RELENG_5 on a Dell PowerEdge 750 and the ichsmb driver 
>> doesn't want to work with it, I get the following on boot:
>> ichsmb0: <Intel 6300ESB (ICH) SMBus controller> port 0x8c0-0x8df irq 
>> 17 at device 31.3 on pci0
>> device_attach: ichsmb0 attach returned 6
> Does it work if you add
> debug.acpi.disabled="sysresource"
> to /boot/loader.conf

Thanks for that, It kind of worked. Am I correct in thinking that, that 
prevents ACPI attaching to the controller so that the ichsmb driver 
can? In which case, if ACPI does attach to it, does that mean I'd get 
temperature values in the hw.acpi.thermal tree?

sysutils/xmbmon and sysutils/healthd can't seem to read anything from 
it anyway. Is this because the SMBus has no temperature sensors tied to 
it? It has them in the BIOS, so I assumed I could read them in FreeBSD.

I get ichsmb0: irq 0x04 during -1 in dmesg when trying healthd and

root at alexis:~/ > healthd -S
ioctl(SMB_WRITEB): Permission denied


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