two mysterious files in RELENG_5_4

Rostislav Krasny rosti.bsd at
Mon Apr 11 05:24:06 PDT 2005

Hello all.

I have FreeBSD 5.4-RC1 installed from FTP. Today I ran cvsup to get
the latest RELENG_5_4 src-all. I've seen two strange files were
checkouted by cvsup:

 Checkout src/installworld_newk
 Checkout src/installworld_oldk

I don't see those files on
but I see them on
According to the cvsweb logs those files were removed in HEAD but
still exist in RELENG_5_4. But why I don't see them on the cvsweb by
the first URL and why they didn't exist in my 5.4-RC1 before cvsup?
Or, if they were removed in the RELENG_5_4 too, why cvsup checkouted
them today?

Following is my cvsup supfile:

# Defaults that apply to all the collections
*default base=/var/db
*default prefix=/usr
*default release=cvs tag=RELENG_5_4
*default delete use-rel-suffix
*default compress

## Main Source Tree.

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