Dell PowerEdge 1855

Doug White dwhite at
Fri Apr 8 10:05:05 PDT 2005

On Wed, 6 Apr 2005, Carl Makin wrote:

> I also managed to get the CD rom drive working for the install.  The
> sequence is this;
> . boot system with cd
> . unplug usb cdrom drive when "waiting for 15 seconds" appears
> . plug in the usb drive once sysinstall has started
> . switch to the second virtual screen (alt-F2) and wait (approx 2
> minutes) until "cd0" appears
> . switch back to sysinstall (alt-F1) and go to the "options" screen and
> reprobe the hardware
> . install as normal
> The boot sequence will hang if the USB drive is attached at boot.  There
> was something in freebsd-stable about a month ago about booting hanging
> if an ipod shuffle was attached.  This is showing exactly the same symptoms.
> Otherwise the machine is running well.

It seems to be acting like Uthe USB controller isn't getting interrupts.
Does the problem recur on the installed system?  If it does, can you build
a kernel with USB_DEBUG, bump up the hw.usb.debug sysctl to like 5 (I
think thats what its called) then plug it in and see what you get?  You
should get a huge amount of spew if its working normally, or it'll slowly
trickle out sets of messages if its having problems getting the controller
to behave.

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