5.4-PRERELEASE pccard problem

Christian Laursen xi at borderworlds.dk
Fri Apr 8 01:35:46 PDT 2005

Doug White <dwhite at gumbysoft.com> writes:

> On Sun, 3 Apr 2005, Christian Laursen wrote:
> > Anyway, I tried blowing away /usr/obj, cvsupping to RELENG_5_4, built world
> > and kernel and installed both.
> >
> > And it still panics with the exact same stack trace. :(
> Old kernel module somewhere?

I dont think so. The only modules I can find on the machine are located under
/boot/kernel, /boot/kernel.old and /usr/obj.

Besides, neither pccard nor if_wi are loaded from modules but built into the

To further comlicate matters the card works some of the time but I have been
unable to find a pattern suggesting what could cause the problem.

Christian Laursen

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