nfsiod tasks started in error

bob at bob at
Thu Apr 7 13:55:41 PDT 2005

On Thu, Apr 07, 2005 at 04:11:55PM -0400, bob at wrote:
> During sysinstall answered no to the server and client nfs
> and after installed completed and system rebooted I see task
> nfsiod1,2,3,4 running in output of ps ax command.  This was not
> case in any of the 4.x releases. This can be looked upon as a
> security leak. This may be a error in the new boot up process.
> was first reported 1/16/2004 in 5.2 RC2 as Problem Report
> and again in 5.3 as Problem Report kern/79539
> I tried to run /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ script to kill these
> unwanted tasks but that does not work.
> Any suggestions on how I can kill these bogus nfs tasks as part of
> boot up or what to change in the boot up process so these tasks
> don't get started in the first place? Doing a manual recompile of
> the kernel to remove the nfs statements is not a viable solution.

nfsiod now runs as a kernel process and is control by these sysctls:

vfs.nfs.iodmaxidle: 120
vfs.nfs.iodmin: 4
vfs.nfs.iodmax: 20

It looks like setting vfs.nfs.iodmin=0 and then klling them off
We probably should think about changing the default to 0 and setting
appropriate values via /etc/rc.d/nfs.  Over all, I can't say this is
very high priority though patches would certaintly be accepted.

-- Brooks

vfs.nfs.iodmin=0 in sysctl.conf did not stop those tasks from

I know that  kill pid  works  but where can I bury a script
containing the kill commands that will get run after those nfs tasks
get started?

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