USB mouse troubles

Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at
Tue Apr 5 12:18:09 PDT 2005

FreeBSD 5.x has had funky issues with usb mice for as long as I've been using 
a usb mouse with it, but since it almost works ok with the default 
configuration, I never got around to complain about it. ;-)

However: In various sitations and configurations, USB mice are not picked up.

- With a GENERIC kernel and all of the usb support in the kernel, usb mice are 
usually recognized on boot, but they will cease to work after going single 
user and back to multiuser again. The /dev/ums0 device doesn't even get 
removed, but the mouse is dead. Unplugging and replugging usually gets it 
going again.

- With all of usb compiled as modules and usbd enabled in rc.conf, ums usually 
doesn't even get loaded, but usbdevs will show the mouse plugged in. Even 
subsequent unplugging and replugging will not get ums loaded. Manually 
loading ums doesn't get the mouse working either, an unplug/replug is 
necessary first.

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