apache+mod_ssl signal 4

Uzi Klein uzi at bmby.com
Mon Apr 4 22:35:24 PDT 2005

Doug White wrote:
>>php was compiled with OpenSSL support.
>>When I removed that, it works like charm.
>>( Still, i might want that future one day )
> I've seen this if you have multiple OpenSSL versions installed and somehow
> both libraries get linked in at once.  This commonly happens if you have
> program X linked against openssl 0.9.6 and load shared library Y linked
> against 0.9.7.
> Use ldd to inspect your httpd and php modules and try to find the
> offending openssl library. Perhaps you installed OpenSSL as a port at one
> point?

Thanks for giving me the idea.
Perhaps there was some kind of test using OpenSSL from ports, even tho 
there's no track of it.

Doesn't OpenSLL rebuild the libs when one rebuild world?

Anyway, feels better now when the problem is "fixed" and i have a 
general idea of what the problem is.

Uzi Klein
BMBY Software Systems Ltd

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