probably hardware problem

Zoran Kolic kolicz at EUnet.yu
Mon Apr 4 22:13:09 PDT 2005

Hi all!
On 5.3 I have strange boot on old
hardware. It goes to "ata" channels,
then waits about 10 seconds. Cd drive
lights all the time. After that stop,
resumes to the login prompt and behaves
normal, except cd. It lights. Just
reboot (no power down) doesn't help.
When I stop the power and boot again,
system starts nice and cd works fine.
I removed scsi waiting time and ata
cd option also from kernel. Cd is via
atapicam emulated as scsi. Looking
into logs, cd is not detected and
mentioned first and (after new boot)
present as normal.
My first idea is hardware problem.
Does someone know where to start?
Cable? Motherboard? Since I don't have
spare items, it should go to service,
where I cannot control process of
changing everything. (For service
all staff older then second is too
Best regards


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