kernel panics on sio interrupt-level overflows

Oleg Tarasov subscriber at
Mon Apr 4 01:33:38 PDT 2005


Kris Kennaway <kris at> wrote:

> Does enabling WITNESS support (and possibly excluding
> WITNESS_SKIPSPIN) produce any diagnostics?

> Kris
I can enable WITNESS, but I don't know where to find that useful
information I can provide. My server's uptime is 8 days without
mpsafenet working. I am ready to cooperate to find out the problem's
origin - it seems that it is a problem of a larger scale that i
thought. As I see this bug occured not only on my machine - there is a
topic about MySQL causing panics due to heavy load of connections -
and also turning off mpsafenet helped.
I have little experience working with FreeBSD, but i was a programmer
all my life (so i am not helpless though :) ).
So, if you could briefly explain to me what should I do I'll do that.
It is difficult to me to take out experiments on my machine as it is a
working server providing internet to all my organization (~40 clients)
- but thas is not a real problem if one wants to solve a greater
I really want to make my favourite OS (from jan 2005) better.

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