FreeBSD 5.3 SMP freezes with MySQL 4.1

Uzi Klein uzi at
Sun Apr 3 23:08:03 PDT 2005

Young Lee wrote:
> Thank you very much. My server's uptime last two days by refer to 
> Klein's configuration, it's impactful, thanks to Klein. 
> My concern of stablility is focus on mysql's build options as
> BUILD_STATIC & BUILD_OPTIMIZED, but it looks like ridiculous
> without any logicality, build_static should have not any different
> between dynamatic lib. I will do some testing after the current
> configuration to be proven by uptime over one week, and try to
> find out how to repeat the panic.

I think the real change was usin linuxthreads for SMP honestly.
The BUILD_STATIC & BUILD_OPTIMIZED only increase speed by not setting 
shared libs and enables assembly AFAIK.

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