FreeBSD mpd PPTP client connection to SnapGearLITE+

Walentyn Walentyn at
Sun Apr 3 17:00:11 PDT 2005

The SnapGearLITE+ is (was?) an inexpensive (about $200 when purchased)
firewall/VPN appliance running embedded UCLinux.  It has builtin PopTop servers
and clients and IPSec.

Been using it as a firewall and PopTop server for the last three years +/-.
Very happy with it.

Setting up a PopTop VPN server is very simple. XP and Linux clients work well
with it.

No joy, though, when trying to connect to it from FreeBSD 5.3 Stable by using
the mpd port.

I'd rather not go through all the client settings at this point.

Has any one been able to successfully connect a FreeBSD mpd PPTP client to a SGL
PopTop server?

If so, any special mpd configuration options or gotchas to watch out for?

Thank you.


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