Marian Hettwer MH at kernel32.de
Fri Apr 1 07:12:10 PST 2005

On Fr, 1.04.2005, 16:59, Irina sagte:
> Hello everybody,
Hi there,

> I had 5.3 STABLE.  Did cvsup as I always do with
>     *default  tag=RELENG_5
> After rebooting and telneting to the server I saw
>     FreeBSD 5.4-PRERELEASE (INET) #4: Thu Mar 31 20:41:59 EST 2005
> Where is it coming from?  Does anyone else have had the same problem?
That's no Problem. There is no RELENG_5_4 yet, so RELENG_5 is now
Everything's normal ;)

don't worry ...

before 5.4-PRERELEASE my 5-STABLE box was 5.3-STABLE... so I guess, as
soon as RELENG_5_4 is branched, you'll get something like 5.4-STABLE when
cvsup'ing to RELENG_5

> Thank you for your help in advance.

best regards,

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