FreeBSD 4.10-BETA available for i386

Scott Long scottl at
Sun Apr 11 09:36:51 PDT 2004


I'm pleased to announce the availability of 4.10-BETA for i386. 
4.10-BETA for alpha will be following shortly as we work out some
problems.  4.10 is the next step in the 4-STABLE branch, and as
such contains primarily bug fixes and incremental functionality
improvements.  One significant new feature is the merging of the
USB stack and drivers from 5.x.  This should provide significantly
better USB support from what previously existed in 4.x, and I ask
everyone to test it out as much as possible in the BETA phase.

The BETA phase will last for at least another 10 days and might include
a BETA2 snapshot to address some sysinstall and boot floppy issues
that we recently came across.  We ask that everyone thoroughly test
this out so that we can have a stable and successfull 4.10 release.
I would also like to thank Ken Smith for his invaluable help in getting
this released, and I would like to welcome Hiroki Sato to the release
engineering team!



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