printer job date change

pixfbsd pixfbsd at
Tue Dec 30 17:32:35 PST 2003

I have FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT.


# hpif - Simple text input filter for lpd for HP-PCL based printers
# Installed in /usr/local/libexec/hpif
# Simply copies stdin to stdout.  Ignores all filter arguments.
# Tells printer to treat LF as CR+LF.  Ejects the page when done.

printf "\033&k2G" && cat && printf "\033&l0H" && exit 0
exit 2

In the dfA009exampleFile in /var/spool/output/lpd/hp2200 there is the
value @PJL SET DATE=31-12-2003.  I want to create a filter that will
change that value to the year 2000.  

Why?  If you recall HP has date information in their printer cartridges,
that after a certain date the cartridge becomes "expired".  Although you
have plenty of ink or a cartridge that has been on the shelf for along

If I manually vi the file I can print, therefore I was trying to find a
filter that would send the PJL command to set the date to a default
01-12-2000 all the time.

Has someone already completed such a thing?

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