official 3ware support ?

Mike Tancsa mike at
Sun Dec 28 21:01:01 PST 2003

At 01:55 PM 24/12/2003, Vinod Kashyap wrote:

>Yes, 3ware now supports FreeBSD!
>The driver you find on the 3ware website has been
>extensively tested on 4.8, and not yet on 4.9.

         I was just playing around with your beta driver on 4.9 
STABLE.   Am I safe to assume that if I dont have PAE enabled and have <=2G 
of RAM installed, the driver should work ?  Also, will there be an updated 
3dmd ?

Thanks for officially supporting FreeBSD!


>The changes in this driver should soon make their
>way into RELENG_4.  They are already checked into HEAD.
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>Subject: official 3ware support ?
>While looking for firmware updates on the 3ware site, I notice they now
>have FreeBSD drivers available for download marked as "beta"
>The readme with the drivers download says,
>"This directory contains the 3ware driver (twe.ko) for 7000 series
>storage controllers, and the corresponding source code.  The latest
>source code can be downloaded from the freebsd kernel tree, by running
>The source code can be found at:
>However, what is in RELENG_4 differs from what is downloaded from the 3ware
>Also, its marked 4.8. Will it work with 4.9 which has all the PAE changes
>in it?
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