NFS problem: "RPC: Port mapper failure"

Rob nospam at
Sun Dec 28 04:20:48 PST 2003


I am running two FreeBSD-Stable PCs.

One is an NFS server and the other NFS client. Everything used to
work fine until recently. I suspect that either the new kernel is the
problem (although there are no complaints on the stable mailing list)
or the network administration has changed some things.

The server is on with following /etc/exports:
	/usr/ports -maproot=root
	/home/entertainment -ro

The server boots with rc.conf:

The client boots with rc.conf:

On the client ( I do not get the proper response on:
	$ showmount -e
	RPC: Port mapper failure
	showmount: can't do exports rpc

Doing a mount_nfs on the client, gives the same port mapper failure.

Portmap is running on the server; it is not on the client, but
that should be OK here, right?

I am at a total loss, since I have no idea how to investigate further
what is actually going wrong. What could be a reason for the RPC Port
mapper failure? How else can I test the port mapper's functunality?


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