possible (kernel) bug with zebra

Thorsten Steentjes tst at guug.de
Thu Dec 25 11:14:35 PST 2003

Hello Victor,

On Wed, Dec 24, 2003 at 01:34:20AM +0200, Victor Ivanov wrote:
> I don't know if my machine has some hardware problem, but I've noticed
> this
> strange behavior with zebra 0.93b_7 on 4.9-STABLE.

I have no solution for your problem, but I can confirm that it is not
hardware related, cause I see the same behavior here.
I'm using quagga-0.96.4_3 (which is a fork of zebra) on several
4.9-STABLE boxes.
I can report two major problems I have:
1. quagga and pseudo devices
Talking OSPF over a GRE device between quagga and a Cisco router
dosn't work. There are messages like this in my syslog
zebra[303]: There must be RTA_IFP address for ifindex 4
Furthermore, when I do a ifconfig down and then a ifconfig up on the gre
device, zebra dumps a core.

2. kernel panic in conjunction with zebra on my notebook
I tried running quagga on my notebook and was able to talk OSPF over the
wi(4) device. I send my notebook sleeping via apm and after waking it up
again, the kernel panics while the current process is zebra. IMO that
happens cause the pccardd needs a few seconds to reinitialize the wi
device and zebra ist already running. So zebra doesn't see the physical
device after waking up and that is the reason for the panic.

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