SMP forcing crash/reboot in 4.9-STABLE

Adam Maloney adam at
Thu Dec 18 09:20:29 PST 2003

Try searching for "freebsd smp 4.9" - I saw a couple of
threads about the problem when it hangs at that exact point, when I was
searching on my issue.  But they still may be related.

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> On 18-Dec-2003 Adam Maloney wrote:
> > We have a 4-way P3/500 Xeon system running FreeBSD.  We had been running
> > 4.8-STABLE for a number of months with SMP enabled and no issues.
> > 25-November we moved to 4.9-STABLE.  The system ran without SMP enabled
> > until Tuesday, when we enabled SMP and APIC_IO, rebuilt the kernel, and
> > rebooted.  Then about every 30 minutes the system would reboot.  We
> > back to single-processor (using the source updated on 25-Nov) and it has
> > worked since.
> >
> > So we synced source last night and tried enabling SMP again this
> > We are still seeing the same problem.  We have switched back to a
> > kernel (from last night's sync) and are running fine.
> >
> > Has anyone else seen this?  Any ideas where to look?  There is nothing
> > messages or dmesg about the crash, and I haven't been able to catch it
> > the console to see if there's a message there.
> This may be related to my problem, though the symptom is different.
> Since the same time (around the end of november) i tried many times to
> build a SMP-enabled 4.9-STABLE kernel for my bi-athlon machine. It always
> hangs (no error msg, total iresponsiveness) at the end of the kernel boot
> (just before mounting filesystems).
> I then reverted my cvs tree to use -RELEASE, and all is fine.
> I did not yet try a non-SMP kernel. I'll do that asap.
> --
>         Guy

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