SMP forcing crash/reboot in 4.9-STABLE

Adam Maloney adam at
Thu Dec 18 06:44:16 PST 2003

We have a 4-way P3/500 Xeon system running FreeBSD.  We had been running
4.8-STABLE for a number of months with SMP enabled and no issues.  Around
25-November we moved to 4.9-STABLE.  The system ran without SMP enabled
until Tuesday, when we enabled SMP and APIC_IO, rebuilt the kernel, and
rebooted.  Then about every 30 minutes the system would reboot.  We moved
back to single-processor (using the source updated on 25-Nov) and it has
worked since.

So we synced source last night and tried enabling SMP again this morning.
We are still seeing the same problem.  We have switched back to a non-SMP
kernel (from last night's sync) and are running fine.

Has anyone else seen this?  Any ideas where to look?  There is nothing in
messages or dmesg about the crash, and I haven't been able to catch it at
the console to see if there's a message there.

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