Vibra 128

Orion Hodson orion at
Mon Dec 15 10:19:16 PST 2003

/-- Michael Nottebrock wrote:
| Riv Octovahriz wrote:
| > On my card it says CT4370, but my pciconf -vl detected it as EV1938
| As far as I can see, support for this codec has not been mfc'd yet. I'm=20
| forwarding this to freebsd-multimedia, maybe Orion can point out what/how t=
| o=20
| patch your system to recognize your card.

Attached is a patch for the CT4370.  All it appears to need is the relevant device's ids and identification strings.

The patch was obtained from a checked out source tree:
	cd ${FBSDSRC}/src/sys/dev/sound/pci
	cvs diff -r 1.42 -r 1.48 es137x.c

The relevant revisions were picked out with 'cvs log es1371.c'.  BTW, if you don't have anonymous CVS you can do this all through the cvsweb interface:

The patch needed minor edits to remove a couple -HEAD vs -STABLE deltas.

I'd expect it to apply cleanly to 4.8R, 4.9R, and -STABLE today.  If you have any problems, drop me a note.

- Orion

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