USB Imation Superdrive

Craig Boston craig at
Mon Dec 15 05:46:14 PST 2003

On Monday 15 December 2003 12:31 am, Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> Has anyone sucessfully tried to use a USB imation superdrive on 4.x? If so,
> does it work properly with all the media supported by the hw?

If you're referring to the Imation LS-120 drive, then yes, I have had success 
with it on 4.7 and 4.8.  It is supported by the afd(4) driver and I have been 
able to read both the 120M format disks and regular 1.4M floppies.

The only thing I kind of think didn't work right was using fdformat to 
low-level format floppies (this is not necessary for LS-120 disks as the 
tracks are optically etched on them at the factory).  But it has been quite a 
while and my memory is a little fuzzy in that area.

The drive is still detected by 4.9, but I haven't actually used it since 
upgrading to that.  Unfortunately the drivers are rather hard to come by 
these days.


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