strange log messages

jimmie james h2g2_jimmiejaz at
Mon Dec 8 23:50:05 PST 2003


I just noticed these tonight after a cvsup/build
world/kernel/install world around 2am EST on the 8th
of dec.

Dec  9 02:14:23 fortytwo /kernel: issignal
Dec  9 02:16:17 fortytwo /kernel: issignal
Dec  9 02:17:50 fortytwo /kernel: issignal

after a man -k issignal  turned up nothing, I hit the
online manpages...

shows nothing either, the 5.x series...

comes up with a page for it.

Question is, with a stable-supfile with *default
release=cvs tag=RELENG_4  and that message being
there, A) should the man page be with it, or B) should
/usr/src/UPDATING  have some mention of it?

Considering I can't code to save my life, what's up

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