'long long' warning while compiling mit-kerberos on 4.9-stable

Illia Baidakov illich at newchem.ru
Mon Dec 8 04:47:00 PST 2003

Hello freebsd-stable,

  I'm thinking it's the right list about my problem.
  The exact messages while compiling mit-kerberos5-1.3.1 are:
  /usr/include/stdlib.h:111: warning: ANSI C does not support `long
  /usr/include/stdlib.h:117: warning: ANSI C does not suppotr `long

  I have gcc version 2.95.4 in my system. Trying to build gcc-3.3.2
  from sources the above messages has repeated again right up to
  stopping the building proccess.

  What is the safest way to receive correct 'long long' type
  definition in C compiler?

Tanks in advance,
Illia Baidakov.

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