Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Sun Dec 7 21:30:26 PST 2003

At 11:16 AM +0100 12/6/03, michael wrote:
>I widely use FreeBSD and his enhancement's vs. other OS'es.
>Now i have the wish that the 'newsyslog' uses date-extensions
>in the 'rotated' logfiles.
>messages.0.gz should be messages.20031206.gz and so on...
>or any other extension that will give the date in the
>name of file?
>is this possible with the newsyslog?
>I think no! And why?

Right now there is no option in newsyslog which gives you
that.  There is a PR (problem-report) which has asked for
this, and it is on the list of things I plan to do with
newsyslog.  Actually, I had planned to have that update
done by now, but I had a few months of bad luck with some
of my freebsd machines.  (mostly hardware-related bad luck).

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