tp40 screen blanks forever

Randy Bush randy at
Sun Dec 7 18:54:23 PST 2003

thinkpad t40p
4.9-stable as of friday, all cvsupped and portupgraded to death

SYMPTOM: if i leave the desktop alone for maybe an hour, the screen
is blanked and i can not get it back, even by killing X.  i have to
reboot the machine to get the screen back

bios has screen blanking turned off

does not happen when X has not been started, i.e. running as a
non-X user

happens in gnome with screensaver set to DisableScreenSaver

still happens if i kill the xscreensaver process

xset has dpms disabled

same with tvtwm as window mangler instead of gnome

help, i am running out of goat entrails!


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