Zoran Kolic kolicz at eunet.yu
Sat Dec 6 23:30:23 PST 2003

   Dear Michael!
   You know, that every
file has additional data
about time, when it was
created etc. If you have
good reason to read or ar-
chive log files that way,
put it on separate loca-
tion and use cron to make
that file. Change log
file in /var/log every
morning at ie. 7 am. Cron
would read file named
"my.log.0.gz" and rename
it as "".
date with"+" will make
all for you (I suppose).
Better to say, not cron,
but little perl or shell
script you write.
   After all put it on
CD and forget. You could
use cron to make your CD?
I don't like the idea,
but it's possible.
   Best regards


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