installation freebsd

Helge Oldach helge.oldach at
Fri Dec 5 01:09:25 PST 2003

>Je voudrais savoir si je dois installer une version STABLE ou RELEASE.
>    Quelle est la différence?
>    Pouvez-vous me conseiller entre la freebsd 5.1 ou 4.8 ?

4.x-RELEASE is essentially a snapshot of 4.x-STABLE, with a given x.
4.x-RELEASEs receive security updates only. 4.x-STABLE is the "working
version" that receives all fixes and enhancements.

5.x is CURRENT, not necessarily guaranteed to offer production-grade
stability. CURRENT is the main development branch. Again, there are
5.x-RELEASEs, taken as snapshots from CURRENT.

There is no 5.x-STABLE yet.

Probably, since you ask, 4.9-RELEASE is what you want to start with.


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