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Wes Peters wes at
Mon Dec 1 17:52:00 PST 2003

On Monday 01 December 2003 03:35, Pete French wrote:
> >    I'd like to know if some-
> > one has experience with system
> > running no mta (aka sendmail).
> Running without an MTA sounds like
> the wrong solution to the problem. Have
> you thought of replacing sendmail with
> something like exim ? I use that as an MTA
> on single machines all the time. very
> easy to configure and not very resource
> hungry. Willjust sit there quietly and do the
> job without any fuss.

Let me add my voice to those praising Exim.  I used it for several
years, specifically because it was/is the easiest MTA to configure
for part-time mail admins.  The version in ports always worked well
for me, and the port maintainer is pretty active about keeping up 
with patches and new releases.

> ...there are a number of other options too
> which people will no doubt mention.

Postfix, also highly recommended.

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