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Mon Dec 1 14:39:44 PST 2003


You might want to use 'maildrop' instead of using a full-featured MTA
daemon. Personally, I've never tried maildrop, althought I often hear
from different people that it is a good substitue for those who do not
want to run a full-featured MTA daemon, but need something to listen on
25th port in order to accept mail from the 'fetchmail' and deposit it
into the local mailbox.

I personally prefer postfix. It's a full-featured MTA daemon/system but
it is very easy to configure (just like exim), and it supports Maildir
type of mailbox!

Hope this helps,

On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 06:59:40AM +0100, Zoran Kolic wrote:
>    Dear list!
>    I'd like to know if some-
> one has experience with system
> running no mta (aka sendmail).
> I have single comp, not server,
> not lan. Yes! Sendmail is nice,
> but it is too big for simple
> tasks I have for it.
>    My intention is to use apps
> small as possible. This letter
> gone from mutt directly to
> ssmtp, that processed it to my
> isp. (Setting option for
> sendmail as "/usr/local/sbin/ssmtp".)
> Little drawback is that one
> cannot write second letter
> and send it at the same time.
> Some sort of queue would be
> helpful.
>    Problems start receiving mail.
> Fetchmail manual announces po-
> ssibility for handing over to
> procmail. Option should be
> "mda procmail" in user section.
> I made no rc file for procmail.
> Test letter really came from
> pop server to my local depot
> (/var/mail/zoran). And... Mutt
> cannot read it. Says "/var/mail/
> /zoran is not maildir". It is
> by default, my dear mutt!
> I see, that I have to make some
> procmailrc configuration file.
> To tell the system, that procmail
> is local delivery agent now,
> who is on the machine and where
> target files are. I need additional
> reading to anticipate that.
> No local mail = no system messages.
> And no simple system I'd like.
>    Documentation on internet
> says, that shell in procmailrc
> should be /bin/sh. I use tcsh and
> the only solution would be to add
> /usr/local/bin/bash. Defaults
> are already on the machine. Why
> procmail doesn't use them?
> Aliases? File permissions?
> It is the step I cannot make
> for now. Turning sendmail on
> again gave me mail back.
>    I suppose that someone uses
> similar configuration on laptop
> or other not heavy loaded machine.
>    Best regards
>                    ZK
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