Question about RSS limit

Алексей Прокопчук alexpro.ewr at
Fri Apr 5 22:31:33 UTC 2019


My English is not very good, excuse me if I said something wrong.

I trying to build packages for FreeBSD sparc64 and faced some problems.

I have Sun Fire V120 with installed FreeBSD-11.2 GENERIC downloaded from
official location.

There were problems with package building (for example - perl and gcc7),
make fails sometime with "internal compiler error" or "segmentation
fault". But building continues when I repeat make after error. After
all, I was able to build gcc7 and perl which are dependency for most
packages. Now I have problem with using git: I trying to clone FreeBSD
source from github and git always fails with segmentation fault. I
monitored clone process with top and discover that RES memory for any
process never exceeds 32800K, and SIZE never exceeds approx. 600M. I
tried to increase limits by setting kern.maxdsiz parameter, but no
success, git fails with segfault anyway, and RES never exceeds 32800K. I
tested same git clone on amd64 and RES grows to 500M during operation.

Same with gcc7 and perl building. Build fails when compile big and
complex file, and SIZE of c1plusplus process grows about 600M, but RES
has always max. value 32800K.

On amd64 kern.maxdsiz has default value 32G, on sparc64 - 1G. When I
tried to grow it to 2G, absolutely all processes crashes with
segmentation fault (include init on boot). With value 1.5G system works
fine but git fails anyway. The only difference - SIZE of git process
grows up to 928M before crash, RES retains 32800K.

There is some limit for process memory in sparc64? I can't find anything
about such limits, and stuck. I understand that my hardware very old and
slow, but I don't have another one unfortunately...

Thanks in advance, with best regards, Alexey Prokopchuk.

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