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Leonie Botha leonie at hqhsa.co.za
Wed Jul 26 08:41:35 UTC 2017

Helping SA's Hope for Warmth


Many children have to go through this winter with blankets that are torn and
have holes in them.   They often have to share 1 blanket with their
siblings.   Some have no blanket at all and have to rely on a plastic bag or
box to cover themselves.  For these families, it's a difficulty just to have
bread to eat, imagine having to take money and buy a blanket!   We have
situations where children get into fights with their brothers or sisters
over a jersey!


The elderly suffers just as much.   We have elderly living in garages,
shacks, back rooms with raw cement floors, holes in the walls, broken
windows.   These are the elderly that the state feels do not qualify for a
pension grant.   They also cannot find employment due to their age and

In many elderly care centres the number of deaths rise in the winter time as
the cold makes it difficult to fight against viruses and established or
existing illnesses.   One thing we seldom hear about, is the number of
deaths of elderly during winter time, those who have been forgotten by their
children, who live on their own in these comfortless, cold back rooms and
garages, who mostly suffer because they do not have warm clothing and
bedding.   Many have illnesses such as arthritis, where their already very
painful condition gets worse with the cold.   They will roll up in balls
just trying to keep warm and often end up not even able to get up to find
something to eat.   Many, in fact most' do not have a proper meal to start
with.   Consequently, they get weaker and weaker, until they die a cold,
painful and lonely death. 
Winter is a beautiful season for many of us, but a dreadful one for all
destitute families, children and elderly.   It is the longest and most awful
three months of one's life if you have no warm clothes, no warm bedding,
live in a room with raw cement floors and holes in the roof.   And to add to
it all, still have to fight off the hunger that overcomes you.   Where can
they find the strength needed to overcome all this?


We need to be part of the change.  WE CAN give them the strength.  WE CAN
lift them up, by providing blankets, warm clothing and warm food.


Please help us to make this difference in the lives of the ones who suffer
so much already. The children, families and elderly that we assist are
located across South Africa.

It Costs us +/- R1800 per month per family for their food parcels that
include healthy balanced meals.
It Costs Us R 800- R1200 for a family of 3, for blankets and at least 2
jerseys and pants for each family member.
The fundraising will be done by asking for a R 100 donation towards our,
"Hope for warmth" project.   You can do a bank transfer to help us save on
costs so we can help many more.   In return you will receive a tax (Section
18A) invoice to claim back from tax and a Helping Sa Warmth Hope ribbon that
we hope you will wear with pride, knowing what a difference you have made.
If you are doing a donation through the bank, please reply to this email
with your details and postal address to ensure you receive your invoice and
Hope ribbon.

Examples of what your R 100 donation WILL DO:

Feed a child / elderly for 3 days /
1 pair of warm shoes and socks 
1 Winter pants / 1 Jersey  
1 Jacket
Warm bedding/ Blankets
1 Child will be able to take the bus to school for a week and no need to
walk over 6 km

To view our NPO and Section 18A certificate please visit our website, while
you are visiting please enjoy our photos and videos.
(To receive copies of our certificates / proof of registration, accounting
letters etc. you can also email admin (@) hsa-team.co.za / admin (@)
helpingsa.co.za or reply to this email requesting documents)
Hope you can find it your heart to assist with these projects.

ACC NR; 4080925296
We would like the feeding project for these destitute to go on for a long
time, so that it can really make an impact on the ones we assist, thus we do
have debit facilities now, if you would like to assist these projects more
than once we would really appreciate it, you can request a debit order form
by email.

Yours Faithfully 
Leonie Botha

Helping SA
081 703 6774
Fax: 086 509 9871
Alternative email: leonie (@) helpingsa.co.za / leonie (@) hsa-team.co.za
Web:  (www) helping-sa.co.za
NPO:  115-333
PBO: 930043138
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