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Sat Nov 26 17:13:56 UTC 2016

Nov 26
Nanaimo, British Columbia
Western Canada


     I am a computer user and my Vista is no longer supported (updates do
not arrive anymore, a slow system, and new Windows OS's. That is not for
me anymore. (I have lap top too running a buggy windows 10), I am totally
up with Microscrap and I see I am not alone in this since that new Windows
Presentation fiasco. Microsoft is forcing my desktop PC to Windows 10 and
I see I will need a new home Computer too for Windows 10. I do not want
to do that I still have an IBM P3, P4 and an old 386 too. I cannot for 
that. I cannot work and I am physically disabled as well. A decent PC is an
essential tool. But in all it's good see an alternative OS instead of 

      I want to switch to another Operating system, I was thinking to go 
Linux but so many versions are leading to confusion ; Ubuntu, Mint, Puppy,
Fedora, etc.

      I read forums where some users are commenting on Windows, BSD and
Linux. I heard nothing bad about BSD and some swear by it and the fact it is
Made in the USA and Berkley Computer Engineers and will maybe now give
Microsoft a run for all their love of Money - not their users. I have 
been a one
faithful Windows user since Windows 3.1. But new systems and new OS's to
keep buying, have all run its course. Microsoft has no more testers and they
release all their stuff and let the Chips Fall wherever... I am fed up 
now, But
enough of that, for when comes to Microsoft. I can really start to vent.

      So will BSD give me back the love of home computing ? Will it be a 
learning curve, and will my system be able to use what I do have (Web Cam,
Skype) and more. An LCD monitor, Mouse, etc with no need to search for all
drivers to run all my loved peripherals, in a duel boot system, Then I 
can move
away from Microsoft, and soon never look back. So when I do visit the local
computer Club I could suggest BSD to all who are fed up with Microsoft, and
a lot are and still use XP, Vista and 7 (No 8's or 10).

      My system is as follows. So will it run BSD and will it be better 
than the
Windows stuff and what Antivirus will I need to get or do I need one  ?


Darren D.
lepitbull at

HP Pavilion a1218n (Media Center PC)

Operating System :  Windows Vista Business 32-bit SP2

CPU :  Intel Pentium 4 516
            Prescott 90nm Technology

RAM :  4.00GB Single-Channel @ 133MHz

Motherboard :  ASUSTeK Computer INC. Goldfish3 (CPU 1)

Graphics :  HP L1740 (1280x960 at 60Hz)
                   HP L1740 (1280x960 at 60Hz)
                   Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family (HP)

Storage :    465GB Western Digital WDC WD5000AAKX-22ERMA0 ATA Device (SATA)
                    465GB Western Digital WDC WD5000AAKX-001CA0 ATA 
Device (SATA)
                    (2 Physical Hard Drives and a Floppy 1.44 MB).

1 Optical Drive :  HP DVD Writer 740b ATA Device

Audio :  High Definition Audio Device

Bowser : Mozilla Firefox 5.0

Email app : Mozilla Thunderbird 45.5.0

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