[Bug 207998] Panic during boot on Sparc64 11-CURRENT (r296811)

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Sun Apr 10 22:44:27 UTC 2016


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Author: marius
Date: Sun Apr 10 22:43:37 UTC 2016
New revision: 297792
URL: https://svnweb.freebsd.org/changeset/base/297792

  Since r296250 it is no longer possible for devices to use bus space
  addresses exceeding 32 bit, so bump BUS_SPACE_MAXADDR to 64 bit.
  The whole situation is sub par, though; prior to r296250 and despite
  what their names imply, BUS_SPACE_MAX* were primarily, even almost
  exclusively used for bus_dma(9). Now these macros also have a vital
  role for bus_space(9). However, it does not necessarily hold that
  both bus DMA and space addresses universally have the same limits
  per platform.
  As for sparc64, 64 bit clearly is beyond what can be addressed via
  the various IOMMUs. With this change in place, we now rely on the
  parent bus DMA tags of the host-to-foo drivers causing the child
  tags to be capped as necessary.

  PR:           207998


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