[Bug 198459] x11-servers/xorg-server: Fails to detect most video cards on sparc64 in 11.0-CURRENT

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Wed Oct 21 10:58:17 UTC 2015


--- Comment #11 from gmbroome at vcu.edu ---
Update on Radeon DRM2+KMS support for sparc64; my development box has gone
AWOL.  It looks like the PCI controller memory corruption issue that's somewhat
endemic to the Blade 1000 and 2000 plus the Sun Fire systems using the same
line of system boards.  CPU and memory independently test fine, but any
attempts to access the first PCI bus now throw 'Uncorrectable ECC errors' which
means the system is non-bootable.

This project is on hold until I have extra $ to throw at a 15-year-old hobby
system.  Luckily, the refurb system boards aren't obnoxiously expensive.

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