Sparc64 doesn't care about you, and you shouldn't care about Sparc64

Warner Losh imp at
Wed Nov 11 05:54:48 UTC 2015

On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 9:22 PM, Anna Wilcox <AWilcox at> wrote:

> Just as a further note, I had experimented in January of this year with
> making a binary pkg mirror for sun4u using my (comparatively sad) Ultra
> 60 and a cross-build system.  Installation was fairly straightforward
> but I was having issues bringing up Clang and was having many issues
> trying to build "modern" packages using GCC 4.2.1.
> See my blog for some insight:
> Unfortunately, truth be told, I gave up after the Freenode IRC channel
> gave me a whole heap of abuse and name-calling for trying to ask for any
> support with the sparc64 port.  I couldn't find the documentation I
> needed to keep going and nobody wanted to help.  If there are others
> working on this and I am not alone after all, I will gladly pull the
> Ultra 60 back on to my desk and do what I can to help out.  GCC 4.8 or
> 4.9 would be a huge, huge, huge improvement in particular.

sparc64 is the odd-man out currently. However, even if clang doesn't
work, the gcc external toolchain works well for other platforms. If it makes
sprac64 more viable, then so much the better. There should even be a 5.0
gcc port that's keyed into the new CROSS_TARGET stuff, if that works for
the ports.

If the many other offers of help fall through, then I'd be happy to act
as a backup to get patches into the tree.

If there's enough people working on this, we may win from getting more
developers into the project and it may be viable for another release cycle.
While nothing is definite, if nothing is done the outcome is certain.

As for the bozos on IRC on Freenode, I'm just glad that you spoke up
about what you'd done. That's the best revenge when I've had people
discourage me in the past: to show them what's possible when you step
away from the can't do attitude.

So, have you found the docs you need?


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