Sparc64 doesn't care about you, and you shouldn't care about Sparc64

Adrian Chadd adrian.chadd at
Tue Nov 10 04:59:44 UTC 2015

On 9 November 2015 at 20:22, Anna Wilcox <AWilcox at> wrote:
> Just as a further note, I had experimented in January of this year with
> making a binary pkg mirror for sun4u using my (comparatively sad) Ultra
> 60 and a cross-build system.  Installation was fairly straightforward
> but I was having issues bringing up Clang and was having many issues
> trying to build "modern" packages using GCC 4.2.1.
> See my blog for some insight:

Oh wow, cool, you've been busy! That's great.

> Unfortunately, truth be told, I gave up after the Freenode IRC channel
> gave me a whole heap of abuse and name-calling for trying to ask for any
> support with the sparc64 port.  I couldn't find the documentation I
> needed to keep going and nobody wanted to help.  If there are others
> working on this and I am not alone after all, I will gladly pull the
> Ultra 60 back on to my desk and do what I can to help out.  GCC 4.8 or
> 4.9 would be a huge, huge, huge improvement in particular.

Ugh, IRC can be jerks. Grab me on efnet (adrian) and i'll direct you
into a slightly less posionous channel. :)

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