PCI range checking under qemu-system-sparc64

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at ilande.co.uk
Sun Jun 14 19:01:16 UTC 2015

On 14/06/15 17:07, John Baldwin wrote:

>> Does the latest HEAD contain a fix for this error or have I
>> misconfigured something?
> Did you do 'make TARGET=sparc64 kernel-toolchain' first?

Ah no - I just tried your instructions as printed as I'm not overly
familiar with FreeBSD. With the above statement run first, I'm now able
to complete the kernel build but still can't seem to create the
resulting ISO:

# sh -c '/usr/src/release/sparc64/mkisoimages.sh -b "test" sparc64.iso
Calculated size of `/tmp/bootfs.hw5OWSVF/bootfs.img': 524288 bytes, 4 inodes
Extent size set to 8192
/tmp/bootfs.hw5OWSVF/bootfs.img: 0.5MB (1024 sectors) block size 8192,
fragment size 1024
        using 1 cylinder groups of 0.50MB, 64 blks, 64 inodes.
super-block backups (for fsck -b #) at:
Populating `/tmp/bootfs.hw5OWSVF/bootfs.img'
Image `/tmp/bootfs.hw5OWSVF/bootfs.img' complete
16+0 records in
16+0 records out
8192 bytes transferred in 0.000296 secs (27664846 bytes/sec)
1081+1 records in
1082+0 records out
354549760 bytes transferred in 16.762809 secs (21150975 bytes/sec)
1+1 records in
2+0 records out
655360 bytes transferred in 0.001468 secs (446447794 bytes/sec)
2+0 records in
2+0 records out
655360 bytes transferred in 0.001868 secs (350833321 bytes/sec)
gpart: scheme 'VTOC8': Invalid argument
gpart: No such geom: md1.
gpart: No such geom: md1.



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