Looking to help with the sparc64 port.

Mark Linimon linimon at lonesome.com
Thu Jul 30 17:59:59 UTC 2015

On Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 01:09:56PM -0400, alexmcwhirter at triadic.us wrote:
> First off i want to introduce myself. My name's Alex McWhirter and I'm
> president of small IT consulting company located in Ohio.


> That being said we still have a lot of sparc hardware, mostly ultra sparc
> III and IV stuff. We've migrated all of these machines to FreeBSD, which we
> have found to be quite stable regardless of it being a tier 2 architecture.

I have been running an (unofficial) package build on a v215 here at the
house*, based on 10.2PRE from a few weeks ago.  It has been stable for several
weeks and has built 14970 packages so far.  I have not yet uploaded those
packages anywhere; the most recent build just finished.

I have several machines that I have acquired inexpensively from my workplace.
The v215 and a v245 are racked.  I recently unracked the v210s and v240s and
they may be headed to the recycle pile.  The older machines already are.

More v215s and v245s can probably be had.  Newer machines have been starting
to come through, too.  I recently triaged an M5000 but I'll be damned if I'll
try to haul that upstairs :-)  (It has not yet been listed on eBay.)

> I realize that there is a separate mailing list for sun4v, which I've also
> subscribed to.

I think it's safe to say that mailing list is dead.

> I just wanted to verify with anyone else here whether they were currently
> working on either of these two portions of the project.

A couple of people have expressed interest in poking at sun4v.  I don't
know if I have saved those emails but they would be in the sparc64@ mailing
list archives.

I don't know of anyone working on the other topics.  Really, marius@ is
the person doing most of the work keeping the architecture going.

> Specifically a sun fire V890 with 8 1.5ghz procs and 64GB of RAM.  We
> also have a Sun E6K that i haven't tried FreeBSD on yet, but it has
> 26 USII procs and a large amount of RAM.

I'm glad I don't have your power bill :-)


* which I need to power down this afternoon; the electrical grid here in
  Texas is under stress due to the high temps and they've asked for help.

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