Volunteer To Revive Sun4v

Trevis Elser trevis+freebsd-sun4v at clickscape.com
Mon Apr 27 15:50:10 UTC 2015

Hi everyone. I posted a similar message on the sun4v mailing list, but
activity there seems pretty much dead and these are related. I'd like to
volunteer to restart the sun4v arch port.

Obvious places to start seem to be:
1) Posting on the sparc64 mailing list a similar message about volunteering
to take this on.

2) Digging up the old sun4v code.

3) Taking a look at OpenBSD's support for sun4v, which is merged in with
sparc64 there. So perhaps something similar, or at least a minimization of
code duplication from sparc64 could be achieved in FreeBSD.

Any thoughts, directions, tips, encouragement, discouragement (though that
would be a curiosity), or hardware to work with :)  etc. etc. would be
greatly appreciated!

Thank you for the time it took to read,


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