sun4v / T5000 / Sun T2+ support

John-Mark Gurney jmg at
Mon Sep 29 04:19:24 UTC 2014

Nathan Vidican wrote this message on Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 23:34 -0400:
> I recently purchased a used T5240 - more-or-less to mess around with (got
> it for a steal)... I was able to boot OpenBSD 5.5 and install, but unable
> to boot the current 10.1 iso for FreeBSD/sparc64.
> In a prior thread I was told that FreeBSD/sun4v support was never completed
> - is anyone working on support for these machines at all?
> If so, can I help in any way (ie: have access to the machine, could setup
> remote ssh to the ilom if someone needs/wants access/help to
> troubleshoot/work on one to start with).

Right now what we need is a developer who is willing to take it over and
maintain it and complete the project...  Though there are other issues
that the sparc64 port has (and I believe the sun4v will have too) which
is that clang isn't quite there yet in terms of support...  With out
having a modern compiler, things will only be harder to keep the sparc64
port alive...

So, if you have time, I'd first make sure sparc64 is in good shape as
the sun4v port is based on that...

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