sun4v / T5000 / Sun T2+ support

Nathan Vidican nathan at
Sat Sep 27 03:35:05 UTC 2014

I recently purchased a used T5240 - more-or-less to mess around with (got
it for a steal)... I was able to boot OpenBSD 5.5 and install, but unable
to boot the current 10.1 iso for FreeBSD/sparc64.

In a prior thread I was told that FreeBSD/sun4v support was never completed
- is anyone working on support for these machines at all?

If so, can I help in any way (ie: have access to the machine, could setup
remote ssh to the ilom if someone needs/wants access/help to
troubleshoot/work on one to start with).

Nathan Vidican
nathan at
(519) 962-9987 (Canada)
(313) 586-1982 (USA)

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