Playing with HEAD/sparc64 and clang

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Sat Sep 13 16:02:53 UTC 2014


With the help of Roman Divacky, I started to play with clang on sparc64.
The build of the kernel and world completes (though, I use a patch to
pcpu.h provided by Roman). However, the loader fail to load the kernel,
and I'm not sure the world binaries are correct.

== Compilation ==

First, I cross-build kernel and world on an amd64 computer. The source
tree is at r271475. Here are the variables I set in the environment:

    export MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=$(pwd)
    export TARGET=sparc64
    export TARGET_ARCH=sparc64

    export WITH_CLANG=y
    export WITH_CLANG_IS_CC=y

Compared to mail sent by Dimitry Andric in last February [1], I added
WITH_CLANG_BOOTSTRAP. Otherwise, clang isn't build early enough and the
host compiler is used (producing amd64 binaries).

== Kernel ==

When I boot the kernel built with clang, I get:
    jumping to kernel entry at 0xc00a8000
    Data Access Exception

Then, I'm left at the OpenBoot prompt.

== World ==

I install world in an alternate directory.

When I run bin/sh from that directory, it works.

When I set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to $directory/lib and run bin/sh, it

When I run "chroot $directory /bin/sh", I get:
    Illegal instruction

The computer is a Sun Ultra60 with dual UltraSPARC II 450 MHz. Its dmesg
is here:

I'm ready to provide any information required and test patches :)


Jean-Sébastien Pédron

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