FreeBSD 10-STABLE/sparc64 panic

Chris Ross cross+freebsd at
Mon May 19 19:14:07 UTC 2014

On May 19, 2014, at 10:52, Nathaniel W Filardo <nwf at> wrote:
> I am having trouble bisecting, and it's slow going, but I should report that
> a clean build of dbd9b17 (r262853), which is well before 03fdc293 (r263478)
> -- also exhibits this problem.  I believe 04e37d68 also problematic, just in
> case anyone else is out there looking, but I may have flubbed testing that
> one.  Will report back soon.

  I went back a little further, and had two successful boots with a kernel
from r262743.  That was a big multi-MFC so I started there.

  I’m moving forward next (to r262783, which really only changes
net/flowtable.c, and a bunch of changes within ufs).  Let me know any
more results you get, Nathaniel.

                         - Chris

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