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* I've recently been blessed to be able to help several banks , CPA's and
lending institutions with their clients  cash flow needs where the client was
not yet bankable or the bank needed an exit strategy from existing revolvers.

Feel fee to call me or email if I can answer any questions.


Creative Working Capital Factoring

Purchase Order Financing


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(3)  Recent Purchase Order Transactions

Below are just a few examples of recent Purchase Order financings we have
completed. If you or someone you know needs Working Capital, or Funding for a
single or multiple ongoing Purchase Orders - give me a call at (770) 880-9208.
Best - Scott.

Ammunition Manufacturer

Purchase Order


Accounts Receivable

$ 500,000

Company in the Carolinas manufacturers custom and branded ammunition in various
calibers. They sell to major chain Athletic stores, U.S. Government, and Gun
Stores throughout the U.S.

Main Concerns Solved:
* Purchase or Brass and GunPowder QUICKLY when it becomes available
* Speed of reacting to incoming orders
* Unique Product
* Regulations

I.T. Sales & Service Company

Purchase Order


Accounts Receivable

$ 900,000

Provided a Purchase Order facility offering 100% funding of all purchase costs
of computers to fill orders, using an Int'l Letter of Credit to supplier.
Company was able to fill orders quickly, and with security having not forwarded
cash overseas.

Main Concerns Solved:
* Funding 100% of costs to supplier - not the 70% our competitors offer
* Sending deposits and final payment overseas without goods being inspected

Boiler Repair & Installation Service Company

Accounts Receivable


Provided a Working Capital line so that upon invocing at completion of service,
the company could draw on it's Accounts Receivable for Payroll and other costs
along the way before payments would be received from Net 30 billing.

Main Concerns Solved:
* Payroll - on time - Weekly
* Vendors and Supply Chain paid timely for parts
* Payroll Taxes
* Maintain Overhaed payments timely

If you or your client needs Purchase Order Financing, or Non-Invasive Factoring
please don't hesitate to contact me. I am always enthusiastic to help.


Scott Brown

(770) 880-9208

sbrown at midlandamericancapital.com


What makes us Different?

A Lot ! We are different from other providers in that we remove all the barriers
to great service, and never require our clients to sign a term commitment or pay
exit fees.

Competitors         Midland


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