sun fure v490

fddi fddi at
Thu May 23 14:15:09 UTC 2013

Hello I ask if the sun fire v490 is supported.
I am goign to buy one with 4 ultrsparc IV+ cpu 1.35GHz

so I ask if it runs welll wirth FreeBSD 9.1

on hte FreeBS site there is written:

The following Sun UltraSPARC systems are not tested but believed to be 
also supported by FreeBSD:

  * Sun Fire V490 (support first appeared in 7.4-RELEASE and
    8.1-RELEASE, non-mixed Ultrasparc IV/IV+ CPU-configurations only)

does it mean noeone ever tried to boot FreeBSD on it ?

I would like to buy it self confident it has good possibilities to work.

thank you very much


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