Netbooting an old Netra X1

Chris Ross cross+freebsd at
Sat Mar 2 18:28:52 UTC 2013

  I've been talking about my Netra X1 recently.  And, I've gotten it netbooting between prior experience with NetBSD/sparc64 and help from others.

  However, I find that it doesn't seem to bring the ethernet interface online to be able to NFS-mount root.  It successfully tftp loads the loader, then the loader can tftp all of the other pieces it needs (including kernel, and anything I ask to be loaded from loader.conf).  But, after the kernel starts, I don't see anything else on the network from that host's MAC address.  At least, I'm pretty sure.  Neither the DHCP server, nor the tftp and NFS server see any packets from it.

  Is there some step I missed to tell the kernel to please use dc0 as the network interface to NFS mount through?  And/or to use DHCP to get an address for it?

  My netboot is currently ending with:

Trying to mount root from nfs: 
mountroot: waiting for device 
Mounting from nfs: failed with 
error 19.

  (As a side note, I really do think I got it as far as single user once yesterday afternoon, but wasn't able to repeat it last night, with what I believe was the same configuration.  This makes me suspect there might be something suspect in the system, rather than my process, but I'm hoping it's just my process that's wrong.)


                      - Chris

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