watchdog timeout

fddi fddi at
Sat Jun 22 20:48:50 UTC 2013

FreeBSD 9.1 running on Sun Blade 1000

recently I had this error on log files

Jun 21 12:25:04 blade kernel: (da2:isp0:0:0:0): first watchdog (handle 
0x8d0720fd) timed out- deferring for grace period
Jun 21 12:25:05 blade kernel: (da2:isp0:0:0:0): Command timed out

da2 is the main boot disk

Filesystem            Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/label/rootfs      19G    1.6G     16G     9%    /
devfs                 1.0k    1.0k      0B   100%    /dev
/dev/label/usr        193G    5.8G    172G     3%    /usr
/dev/label/var         96G    572M     88G     1%    /var
/dev/label/var_tmp     84G     16k     78G     0%    /var/tmp
/dev/label/tmp         48G     48k     44G     0%    /tmp

it is  a brand new FC 512GB disk I replaced it two weeks ago removing 
the old over 10 years old 18 GB seagate disk.

thank you


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